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Airline Fleet News – 28th March 2022 (Updated 12th Apr))

Updated: Apr 12

New Deliveries

Wizz Air UK (WUK) A321NX G-WUKS (10891) XFW to LTN


*AerCap has taken delivery of A319 N126AE (2126) ex-Air Cote d’Ivoire (VRE) while stored at Goodyear (GYR).

*Amerijet International (AJT) has taken delivery of B757-2F N193AN (32387 / 981) ex-American Airlines after freighter conversion.

*Avanti Air (ATV) has ferried Dash 8-400 D-AASH (4187) from storage at Saarbrucken (SCN) to Bydgoszcz (BZG) prior to entering service.

Avianca (AVA) A320N N963AV (10802) has made its first flight at Toulouse (TLS) as F-WWBP.

*Avolon has ferried A320 OE-IRH (3601) from Bangor (BGR) to Vilnius (VNO).

Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras (AZU) A320N PR-YSI (10804) has made its first flight at Toulouse (TLS) as F-WWDF.

*Bank of Utah has taken delivery of B757-2 N173AN (32399 / 1005) ex-American airlines (AAL) while stored at Roswell (ROW).

China Eastern Airlines (CES) A320N B-000K (10782) has made its first flight at Tianjin (TSN).

*Delta Air Lines (DAL) has ferried B767-3 N183DN (27110 / 492) from storage at Victorville (VCV) to Medellin (MDE).

*Iberojet (EVE) has ferried A330-900 CS-TKH (1963) from storage at Madrid (MAD) to Beja (BYJ).

Icelandair (ICE) has ferried Dash 8-400 TF-FXA (4022) from Birmingham (BHX) to Luqa (MLA) for painting.

*Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) has ferried ERJ-190 M-ABOZ (19000189) from storage at Enschede (ENS) to Cologne (CGN) and ERJ-195 OY-YEH (19000766) from Bari (BRI) to Alverca (AVR).

PAL Express (GAP) has ferried Dash 8-400 RP-C5912 (4588) from Malmo (MMX) to Keflavik (KEF).

*SATENA (NSE) has taken delivery of ATR 72-600 HK-5399 (969) ex-Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras (AZU) PR-ATB.

Sky Express (SEH) has ferried ATR 72-500 SX-THR (563) from Athens (ATH) to Francazal (LFBF) on return to lessor.

Spicejet (SEJ) has ferried B737-8 VT-SYS (39064 / 4793) from Istanbul (IST) to Shannon (SNN) on return to lessor.

Wings Capital Partners has ferried A320 VQ-BKS (4692) from Bangor (BGR) to Kaunas (KUN) for further storage.

*Zephyrus Aviation Capital has taken delivery of A320 OE-LES (2108) ex-IndiGo (IGO) VT-IDQ while stored at Sofia (SOF).

Russian Re-registrations

*RA-73096 B737-8 (41222 / 5990) ex VP-BGG Aeroflot (AFL)

RA-73116 B737-8 (41197 / 4710) ex VP-BGR Aeroflot (AFL)

*RA-73170 A320 (7279) ex VP-BCB Aeroflot (AFL)

*RA-73234 B737-8 (41244 / 6727) ex VP-BOH Pobeda (PBD)

*RA-73237 B737-8 (41208 / 5437) ex VQ-BWI Pobeda (PBD)

*RA-73238 B737-8 (41219 / 6820) ex VP-BFB Pobeda (PBD)

*RA-73241 B737-8 (41226 / 7001) ex VQ-BHQ Pobeda (PBD)

*RA-73662 A320N (7581) ex VP-BOZ Smartavia (AUL)

*RA-73815 A319 (3385) ex VQ-BTY Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73816 A319 (3388) ex VQ-BTZ Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73817 A320 (5055) ex VQ-BGI Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73818 A320 (2376) ex VQ-BGJ Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73819 A320 (2343) ex VP-BDL Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73820 A320N (9136) ex VP-BRX Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73821 A320N (9169) ex VP-BRZ Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73822 A320N (9154) ex VP-BRY Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73823 A320 (2623) ex VQ-BCI Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73824 A320 (3778) ex VQ-BAX Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73825 A320 (2998) ex VQ-BRE Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73826 A320 (3433) ex VQ-BQN Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73827 A320 (2175) ex VQ-BDM Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73828 A320 (3472) ex VQ-BNI Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73829 A320 (2187) ex VQ-BDJ Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73830 A320 (1063) ex VQ-BAG Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73832 A320 (3099) ex VP-BIE Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73833 A320 (2349) ex VP-BMT Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73836 N321NX (10416) ex VQ-BKX Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73837 A321NX (10609) ex VQ-BKY Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73838 A321NX (10667) ex VP-BFO Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73839 A321NX (9073) ex VP-BOQ Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73840 A321NX (8955) ex VP-BOP Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73842 A321-2 (2862) ex VP-BBH Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73843 A321-2 (4213) ex VP-BVR Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73844 A321-2 (1941) ex VQ-BGX Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73845 A321-2 (4277) ex VP-BVF Ural Airlines (SVR)

*RA-73846 A321-2 (2590) ex VQ-BCE Ural Airlines (SVR)

Maintenance Flights

*Air Europa (AEA) has ferried B737-8 EC-MXM (60591 / 7072) from Madrid (MAD) to Ostrava (OSR).

*Air Europa Express (AEA) has ferried ERJ-195 EC-LIN (19000401) from Palma (PMI) to Katowice (KTW).

*Brussels Airlines (BEL) has ferried A319 OO-SSR (4275) from Ljubljana (LJU) to Brussels (BRU).

*Lufthansa (DLH) has ferried A320 D-AIQT (1337) from Sofia (SOF) to Munich (MUC), A321-2 D-AISV (4050) from Berlin (BER) to Frankfurt (FRA) and A330-3 D-AIKG (645) from Manila (MNL) to Frankfurt (FRA).

*Transavia France (TVF) has ferried B737-8 F-GZHB (34902 / 2309) from Paris (ORY) to Norwich (NWI).

*United Airlines (UAL) has ferried B737-8 N12238 (28804 / 386) from Winston-Salem (INT) to Goodyear (GYR).

*Wizz Air (WZZ) has ferried A321-2 HA-LWX (7947) from Vienna (VIE) to Belgrade (BEG).

*Wizz Air UK (WUK) has ferried A321NX G-WUKO (10479) from Prestwick (PIK) to Luton (LTN).

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